Skelhorn St Falconer Chester Hall

FCH chosen to design Skelhorne Street scheme

We have been chosen to design a vibrant mixed use scheme, whose location, opposite Liverpool’s Lime Street station, will make one of the first buildings a visitor will see, and a true gateway to the city.

The scheme will bring back into use a prominent corner plot, creating a stylish 200-suite apart/hotel, and generous student accommodation comprising 500 bedrooms in studio and cluster formats.

The two elements will be housed in distinct blocks of differing height and character, neither overshadowing their neighbours, yet both being refreshing and modern, and giving a positive first impression of the city to visitors. The scheme also includes elements of commercial and retail space developed at the ground floor level, revitalising the pedestrian experience.

The landscape design delivers a high quality public realm scheme, realised through natural stone paving materials, linear street tree planting and street furniture.