Aura, Erskine Road, Liverpool

Planning application given green light for changes at Aura, Erskine Street, Liverpool

Amendments to the plans for one of Liverpool’s most spectacular student accommodation blocks have been approved today (27th July).

The amendments are designed to improve the student experience and include a rooftop terrace for residents.

Steven Nicholson, architect, commented “we are delighted with the positive outcome at the planning committee meeting today for Aura, Erskine Street, Liverpool. The approval will alllow the rooftop terrace to become a reality and to improve the communal spaces, enhancing the student experience.

“The committee commented that having a cafe that was open to the residents and the public was a great introduction due to the prominent location of the development.”

“It was wonderful to see the changes unanimously approved by all committee members and this will allow the investor to secure the future of the scheme.”


Aura, Erskine Road, Liverpool
Aura, Erskine Road