Jonathon kinnear President of LAS

Falconer Chester Hall’s Jonathon Kinnear is appointed President of the Liverpool Architectural Society

Falconer Chester Hall is pleased to announce that Jonathon Kinnear, Senior Architect, has been appointed as the President of the Liverpool Architectural Society.

He is looking forward to his term as President and made the following statement, “firstly, I would like thank Lizzie Edge for all her hard work, determination and transformation she has brought to the Liverpool Architectural Society during her time as President as well as the setting up and supporting of the LAF.

Secondly, I would like to congratulate Dan Barber who has been appointed as Vice President of the LAS, I look forward to working together to represent the society going forward.

I am extremely proud and honoured to be the 103rd President of the Liverpool Architectural Society a tradition which dates back to 1848. The LAS is the Merseyside Branch of RIBA and I am very grateful for this opportunity to work for the better of the society and steer the ship for the next two years.

During my term as president, I would like to continue to support the great events both the LAS committee and RIBA host throughout the calendar year to promote and raise the profile of the architectural profession in our region. This year marks the 175th Anniversary of the LAS and as part of this I would like to celebrate the new, the old and the amazing work of the architects and students in our region by hosting a ceremonial gala dinner.

As part of my presidency, I would like to improve engagement of the society by growing our social media and calendar of events to attract new members. I believe we only grow as profession by sharing our knowledge and experiences with each other to better our regions-built environment. As well as helping and learning from each other through inclusion, diversity and education, I will encourage the contribution to and promotion of RIBA “2030 Climate Challenge” by facilitating opportunities for networking, conversations about climate change and drawing on expertise from collaboration.”