PLACED Academy sponsor

Falconer Chester Hall continues to support PLACED Academy as an Environmental Academy sponsor

We are delighted to announce our continued support of the PLACED Academy This year we are sponsoring the environmental academy, a free creative programme about the built environment for 14-18 year olds.

2021 will focus on how the design and management of the built environment can positively impact climate change, this will resonate with young people.  Our involvement will help another group of young people to develop confidence, skills and belief that they can succeed in their chosen career path.

At Falconer Chester Hall, we recognise that the stronger we become, the more room their is to give something back.  We facilitate a culture that encourages individuals to support and contribute to worthwhile causes.  As a group of people with a collective social conscience it is important to us that we contribute to where we work, lending our energy, ideas, expertise and enthusiasm where we think it can benefit others.