We are closely monitoring developments and official advice on the global COVID-19 outbreak.

We wanted to reassure you that it is business as usual or as close to usual as we can at Falconer Chester Hall.

We are responding to the challenges that COVID-19 is presenting. All of our staff have been and continue to be kept up to date, and they are doing everything they can to help prevent any spread of the Coronavirus. As we know the challenges are changing on a daily basis.

Like many businesses, we have invested in ways our people can work from wherever they need to; including working from home so we are able to continue as normal, as long as people are well enough to do so.

We do not anticipate any major changes in our delivery to our clients.  We will be suggesting online meetings rather than face-to-face meetings.  We have the technology in place to do this, so let’s use it.

As of 17 March, a number of our staff members are working from home, where it is possible to do so and a number remain in the office.  So please continue to contact us in the usual way.

We have advised our staff:

  • to avoid travelling for internal meetings, and to switch any external face-to-face meetings to online meetings.
  • not to attend gatherings related to work.

One thing we do know is that the UK is resilient, resourceful and full of good people, so everyone will pull together to help keep the economy going, whilst caring for friends and family.