Adam Hall

Adam Hall gives his thoughts on the decision made by UNESCO to revoke Liverpool’s world heritage status

UNSECO announced on 21st July 2021 that the world heritage status for Liverpool would be revoked.

Falconer Chester Hall’s managing director, Adam Hall, gives his reaction to the decision:

Liverpool has a big, dynamic economy that has been successfully re-structured in recent decades and I don’t think this decision will derail the city’s growth.  I never saw any proof that UNESCO’s accreditation, welcome as it was, was a decisive factor in the city’s booming tourism market, for example.

“What the city’s growth has shown over the last twenty years is that Liverpool has walked a very careful middle course between conservation and regeneration based on good, modern architecture and a responsive planning regime.  I have been of the view that this has worked very well and that the city is the better for it.  It’s a pity that UNESCO think differently.

“The city still has regeneration challenges and many historic sites and buildings lend themselves well to re-use.  Others, perhaps not, but the need to grow the economy and provide work have to be taken into consideration.  Liverpool will continue to grow and prosper.