Maghall Developments

Hope Street

Falconer Chester Hall has been retained by Maghull on this site for a number of years, having previously gained consent for a commercial office development.

As the economic climate has changed, an opportunity arose to provide new build student accommodation. On route to securing the successful consent, Falconer Chester Hall undertook extensive consultation with the local planning authority, local residents and English Heritage, even taking to the airwaves of a local radio station.

In-depth site analysis established layout, massing and proportions, including a new public square at the heart of the scheme. Visitors to this space are lead in by a curved facade, that incorporates lighting installations, and which contrasts with the otherwise linear appearance to the perimeter of the site. Handmade, linear format brickwork is envisaged for these main elevations, combined with a limestone plinth at ground floor, framing restaurant units. Inset windows in aluminum bring detail and depth, contrasting with the solidity of brick.