Cambridge H1

Starting onsite in May 2013, this site is one of three we are delivering for Downing in Cambridge. The building is found next to Cambridge’s listed Railway Station and is part of a wider CB1 masterplan for the area.

The commission came about through competition, where competing parties presented to the planners. Our scheme was selected on urban design grounds; firstly we received praise for our analysis of the conservation area and secondly we committed to improving the public realm, through the introduction of a full length colonnade.

The building is predominantly in a buff brickwork common to Cambridge, but is split along its length by deep recesses which articulate entrance points. The upper level has a metallic finish, again inkeeping with neighbouring buildings. We have be careful to create open proportion to the facade and examined numerous alternatives in deriving the window sizes. Similarly we have focused on brickwork detail, such as stack bonding at lower levels and window reveals, to ensure quality. The south end of the building, most prominently seen when arriving by train, uses a contrasting brick with purple hues, bringing subtle variation to the area.