Scheme Global

RICS 2017 NW

Calder House

Liverpool is rightly proud and protective of its green spaces and any development in or close to parks or ‘green wedge’ areas can easily fall foul of public or political opinion.

Our £3 million design project for developers Scheme Global overlooking Calderstones Park is now complete and we took great care to respect its surroundings and ensure the character of the area was not compromised by a new building on a cleared site. We were initially constrained by the tapered shape of the site and needed a design which developed with this shape, and which also didn’t overwhelm views from the street by appearing to be overdeveloped. By dividing the building into distinct sections this created a flow through and around the buildings whilst providing larger public entrance spaces. Access into the site via a new entrance not only helped maintain the surrounding green space to be used as recreational space but also had less impact on existing trees within the site. It naturally created a circulation point and reduced the mass of the building.